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Strategy games are those games where by a player's decision making skills determine its outcome. They have existed since the days of board games such as chess or draughts (U.S Checkers) and today they have become the province of both text-based games and graphical 'video' games. The more recent reditions of strategy games have focussed primarily on military maneuvers. The online strategy war games genre has blossomed as networking technology and high speed internet connections have improved. The strategy games first introduced to the internet were board games such as chess and backgammon. Below is list of strategy games which vary between the down-right silly, the titillatingly funny and of course the more serious in depth strategy games you could spend a lifetime mastering. The online strategy war games have expanded to the extent where great armies are under a player's command. So if you have a ten minute coffee break or are looking for a hobby then one of these strategy games will suit you. We have attempted to compile a list of games on external sites which don't have annoying pop-ups or those idiotic shouting 'smilies' adverts on them but unfortunately we can't control the content of third party sites. If you find one of these strategy games no longer exists, or the site hosting it just irritating then please send us an e-mail via our Contact link, above.

Rating: 10/10

This site is an example of the type of high quality in depth strategy games mentioned above. It is a beautifully written world of enormous depth and complexity and has undergone enormous expansion to its game system in recent months. With a growing player-base and major coding additions, it is one of the few commercial strategy games around which continues to grow. You play a human in the mythical realm of Avalon and enter as a complete novice. There is a comprehensive help system and walk-through style introduction to help you get to grips with the interface. It is after the introduction where the strategy comes in. It is a real time multiplayer game so you will be sharing the game world with hundreds of other players and your decisions will shape how your character develops and your ability to strategise determines your successes and failures. As a strategy game, Avalon is leaps and bounds beyond the rest.

Rumour has it that the warfare aspect of Avalon's game, which has previously been an important part of the strategy involved in becoming in a great player, is getting some serious attention. If Avalon's previous high standards are applied to the online strategy war games genre then this should be one to look out for. The game designers of Avalon have a reputation of breaking new, genuinely innovative ground with their 'grand-scale' improvements to the game.

As a game world, Avalon is totally original in its conception and has one of the most complex and brutal player versus player combat systems there is whilst still offering a complex economics system and 'Pacifists life-choice' for those who are not interested in combat and want to purely role play. It is a game of huge complexity and fantastic atmosphere.

Avalon provides an expansive web site for additional help plus detailed story line history that goes as far back as the world's creation. There is also an advanced Java client for immediate play with no downloads necessary and an in depth introduction for those who haven't played either Avalon or this type of strategy game before. It is a world of dragons, sorcerers, shopkeepers, great cities, wars, princes and gods. Yet only a few rise to become gods themselves.

As an easy reference, here are some useful pages about Avalon:

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Rating: 6/10

A very simple but entertaining strategy game that is worth playing for a couple of hours if you have the patience. It is inspired by the turn based Civilisation model where you decide on which resources to allocate each day. You must give your peasants a job as a soldier, merchant, builder or cleric, each of which has an impact on how your castle progresses. You are a king of a land besieged by dark creatures and your kingdom has been ruined. You must build a castle and protect your people. This is not a first person strategy game but an over-view style game. It's a simple but entertaining online strategy war game.

Rating: 5/10

At first we thought this strategy game was a joke, or a clever way of making social commentary on the reason for the invasion of Iraq. But nope, this game really is taking itself seriously. Oil Empires is a Browser based multiplayer game. It is set in the year 2009 when the sale of oil rich Iraqi land is opened up to the public. As a player of the game you will start out with your headquarters and a small amount of start-up capital to start pumping your own black gold. From there on you decide how your empire will progress. Still, at least the West is finally admitting why it's in the Middle East, even if it is now making games about it! Join in on the 'fun', if you can stand the bad taste.

Rating: 4/10

Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers. But not only your village grows. Neighbours are also looking to expand their influence. Troops are being recruited, villages are fortified and wild axe-men plunder and kill. The game lacks originality in our opinion but its interface is fairly slick and the strategy involved in the game is quite complex, thus it deserves a mention here.

Rating: 5/10

In Sins of a Solar Empire, you are the leader of a civilization embroiled in a galactic war, fighting for the survival of your entire race against relentless foes. Your success will depend entirely on your ability to manage your empire and command your vast fleets of starships to victory. Sins of a Solar Empire is a "RT4X" game, blending the epic strategy and empire management of the 4x genre with the fast-paced and tactical elements of a real-time strategy title.

Rating: 7/10

After the apocalytptic divine war, the continent of Avalon is bathed in a new dawn where you the mortal can play a major role. This is the original format of the classic Avalon role playing game before civilization evolved and removed the rough edges. Expect blood and gore once you are through the initial new player support and you had better be on your mettle. First Age is free to play and provides a java client for immediate play from your browser.

A fascinating addition to the Avalon role playing saga. If you were ever curious to know how early versions of Muds looked, then this is the game for you. It is, surprisingly for its age, extremely well designed. Testament to its quality and proof of why it has existed for so long in the multi-player games genre. It is an online strategy war game take encompasses the player-VS-player one on one combat in the middle of the battle field, all the way to mass armies clashing and invading the great cities.

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