About this Online Games News Page

This is the area of the site where you can come to in order to receive updates about Top-OnlineGames.com. Every time something new is added to the site, such as a new games category, you can read here about it and why we chose to add it

General Games News - we will also be expanding this area of the site to include details about noteworthy new releases to various games genres.

MMORPGs - A Great Addition to the Site, or Flooding the Votes?

It has been requested that MMORPGs and other large online games sites be placed in a category of their own due to the inherent high level of usage these sites get, and thus votes. We're considering this and will keep you updated about it here. The argument that quantity, as suggested by 'Massively Multiplayer Online Games', isn't always quality is well understood but we're loath to penalise people simply because they're popular!

Suggested Categories for the Online Games Directory

If you think we have missed a category from our editors directory then please let us know via the Contact Us page. We're always looking for new online games categories to add.

Start Voting! - 9th of January 2008

Development on the voting is finished and it is now accepting submissions from other games and games resources websites. Read our FAQ page to find out whether your online games site is suitable, if it isn't immediately obvious.

Hand Selected Editor's Category - 8th of January 2008

The online games directory's structure has been decided and its main categories are now well under development.

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