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This site is a chart of MUDs, the best MMORPG, MMO Games, multiplayer RPGs and online games and entertainment sites from around the internet with the added bonus of one of the most highly respected voting systems available. Yet not all of our listings have to be games which are online only. We also feature play by mail games. Our listings range from the best MUDS, MMORPG and MMO games charts and classic text adventure games to chess, from the very latest and best java play console offerings to online RPGS, from multiplayer RPGs card games to strategic war games. Again, not all, but most are online games. Where most voting sites only allow games to take part in being ranked, we allow any website whose topic is online games to add themselves and be ranked by their visitors. Even other best online MMORPG, MMO charts or top 100 game sites.

If you'd like to find out if your site is suitable to be added to our Best MMORPG Games voting league then check out our FAQ. If you're still unsure then simply add your site and it will be reviewed by one of our editors. Although the editor's directory is categorised by genre you will find the voting aspect of the site makes no such distinction. This is to ensure a level playing field.

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