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Welcome to the Top-onlinegames.com Mud Clients and Games Resources page. Below you will find a list of free and commercial pieces of software such as Mud clients and HTML loggers etc. for a variety of platforms. Your Mud client is the most important piece of software if you plan on playing Muds, but be warned, not all of them are for novices, so investigate carefully. Zmud is probably the most user friendly of the list below if you are not technically savvy. Please don't ask us for technical support with either the MUD clients or any other third party software. You must refer all such enquiries to the original publisher.

Rating: 9/10

Charbal's HTML Logger is one of the few free utilities available to help MUD players turn their game log files into HTML. The reason most people do this is because software such as Zmud (see below) output logs into ANSI based text files which are difficult to read due to the lack of colour. This utility converts such text files into HTML and translates the ANSI colour codes into the resulting document, leaving players with a new log file that is both easy to post on to the internet and easier to read back over than the original flat text file.

As far as we are aware this is one of the few remaining download links on the internet so thank your lucky stars we had a copy, because it's soon going to be very hard to get. Download Charbal's HTML Logger Here. Read the following first! Although we have made every attempt to ensure that the aforementioned file is virus free and in full working order, by downloading this file you agree that Top-onlinegames.com and its publishers cannot be held responsible for third party software. Always scan files you download from the internet with a virus checker!

Note: we have heard that CMUD outputs its log files differently to ZMUD and that Charbal's HTML Logger is not compatible with this new release of the popular Zuggsoft series. We haven't confirmed this but if it's true then as far as we're concerned, it's yet another reason not to use CMUD. You can find even more reasons by reading the review below.

Rating: 5/10

AvPlay has been specially written to cater for those relatively new to the role playing game Avalon; The Legend Lives. It does have a slightly out-dated feel compared to other clients now. Word on the grape vine is that it's due for a complete update, so keep your eyes open. It is a simple and compact client, quick to download and easy to install on any Windows PC.

Rating: 6/10

Rapscallion is a MUD client, written for MacOS compatible computers. It has now entered a beta phase. Rapscallion as a Mud Client has actually been around for many many years. This latest download is an update for the new generation of Macs. It vanished from the internet for some time but appears to be back at the new address shown above.

Rating: 5/10

The Mud Magic Mud Client is written in gtk and runs on Windows, most Linux distros and MAC OS X. The client supports MXP, MSP, MCCP, and ZMP with PCRE regular expression handling and Python script engine. The plugins shipped with the client currently include an automapper, note system, and database front end.

Rating: 8/10

Zmud is one of the most successful commercial Mud Clients available. It is not a free Mud Client. It is however probably the most feature rich client available with database, multiple language scripting support, an auto-mapper and more. As of now (Jan 2008) it is believed that support will be removed for Zmud from its developers in favour of pushing their newer client (CMud) which is designed to work with Windows Vista but is also backwards compatible.

The latest public version of zMUD Contains automapper (zMapper support), database, syntax editor, debugger, and support for plugins, Simutronic games, inline images, VBScript/JScript, MXP, MCP, Pueblo emulation, and MCCP. There is also a free version of their software for download which is an early release.

Rating: 4/10

Atlantis is an attempt to create a Mac OS X native equivalent to the Windows 'SimpleMU' client. It supports features such as user-defined spawns, an advanced (but fairly easy-to-use) event system, SSL encryption, MCCP compression, and more. At the time of writing it is still under development, but we hear that progress is steady and the client is useable right now.

Rating: 6/10

MudWalker is an in-development open-source MUD client for Mac OS X that has a very good reputation amongst Mac Mud players.

Rating: 3/10

CMUD is the next generation MUD client from Zuggsoft. Reading the release information and the beta testing forums suggests that it is meant to be a new client for modern Mudders, with more features than its predecessor (ZMUD) and certainly more stable. However, we're sorry to say that amongst all the bells and whistles ZuggSoft have made a fatal mistake: the client is still full of bugs (though to be fair they do advertise this and promise to fix them) and some of the basic features from ZMUD, like being able to auto-hide the buttons at the top of the screen so you can immerse yourself in your chosen MUD, no longer exist. There is nothing more frustrating in software upgrades than a step backwards in terms of functionality for the sake of eye candy and advanced features. Afterall, not everyone uses the advanced features but they do use the basic ones. Removing basic functionality therefore is a huge mistake. This client therefore gets a big thumbs down from us.

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