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This site is a chart of MUDs, the best MMORPG, MMO Games, multiplayer RPGs and online games and entertainment sites from around the internet with the added bonus of one of the most highly respected voting systems available. Yet not all of our listings have to be games which are online only. We also feature play by mail games. Our listings range from the best MUDS, MMORPG and MMO games charts and classic text adventure games to chess, from the very latest and best java play console offerings to online RPGS, from multiplayer RPGs card games to strategic war games. Again, not all, but most are online games. Where most voting sites only allow games to take part in being ranked, we allow any website whose topic is online games to add themselves and be ranked by their visitors. Even other best online MMORPG, MMO charts or top 100 game sites.

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Undercover Gangsters
UndercoverGangsters is a FREE web based massive multiplayer online game, based on the Real Mafia Life. Become a true gangster, Join Now!

Rank Title and Description In Out
0| 9
A free browser-based fantasy non-resetting adventure game. Under development and extremely challenging, this highly addictive game is for oldschool hardcore gamers. Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 25
0| 11
A selective list of the very best games to be found on the internet, as reviewed by our discerning and experienced editors. Only the top 10% of online games sites make it into this directory! Games Resources
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 26
0| 6
Cold Killers! Loyal? We dont know. Enter but keep wise. RPGS
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 27
0| 8
Supremacy 1914 ist ein kostenloses Echtzeitstrategie Browsergame. Runden mit bis zu 30 Spielern dauern mehrere Wochen. Es wird auf einer echten Karte mit bewegten Einheiten gespielt. Keine Tabellen wie 95% aller Browsergames! MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 9
0| 5
Gangs Boss is an online free mmorpg game. stay sharp, be the invincible city Emperor! MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 28
0| 4
A new online world, where the player can choose which country they wish to reside in, and choose between becoming a military hero, a corporate giant, or political power, or a combination of the three. MMOs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 29
0| 4
Think you got what it takes to be the top G? Join to rule the streets of NWGs and prove yourself! MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 30
0| 6
WoW-Titans Private Server WOTLK 3.3.3, High Rates 20x classic realm!spells full working, vehicles, arenas, ICC full!Pvp events!JOIN MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 31
0| 6
Awakenedlands is an online text-based gang combat and crime game set in the near future. Find out who is top criminal in this cyberpunk crime game. Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 32
0| 4
The Demons and Archangels war constantly with each other, neither seeming to gain advancment over the other. Now the Dragons have come... All hope seems to be lost. Who will save us? Could it be YOU? MUDS
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 33
0| 4
Mythopolis is a Browser MMORPG where players immerse themselves in the mystic legends of the ancient Greek. Rise your army and bring war to the land. Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 34
0| 4
Vampire, Werewolf and Slayer based Role Play Game. Let the strategy to stay alive begin! Your blood awaits! MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 35
0| 5
free to play online turn based mafia type game MMORPGs
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 36
0| 3
Free Online Vampire & Werewolf game playable on 3 servers each offering a unique playing experience. Tournaments, PvP, Creature Battles, Clans, Chats, Forums, Clan Battles and much more! Join today it's free! Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 37
0| 4
Ages of Despair, a medieval fantasy MUD, has for 10 years provided an enjoyable atmosphere to game in where your most imaginative fantasies become reality. Our world grows continually and player ideas are always important to us and highly appreciated. MUDS
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 38
0| 3
Caesary is a free online browser-based MMORTS game where you create a city, manage your workers, train your army and recruit heroes to conquer land and achieve glory. Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 39
0| 5
Medieval Fantasy based PBBG Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 40
0| 3
Is a set of online sport manager games, that are being developed. The first planned sport is hockey and the beta version will be launched in the next few months. We will finally have the chance to take part in a game like this from the beginning! Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 41
0| 5
wowbeez RPGS
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 42
0| 4
In LOCRPG, you are placed into a virtual city that is torn apart by crime and poverty. You must make a living by completing crimes, establishing businesses, joining gangs, and selling your goods. Interested? Join the chaos today! Browser Based
Previous Online RPG Games Rank: 43

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