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What are the rules for getting listed in your voting league table?

How does the voting work?

Can I advertise with you?

The rules for joining the voting league table:
Any website whose primary content revolves around online games can join the voting league table. This can be a resources website, an individual online game (online RPG), be it graphical, MMORPG, text based Muds, play-by-mail game, gaming magazine or java games etc etc. Deep link pages that do not constitute the majority of your website will not be allowed unless their content is significant or unique. NO LINK FARMS. If you don't know what one of these is, you probably don't need to worry. We check the validity of all sites added to our online games league table, so we will notice if you are part of a bad 'neighbourhood'.

The voting works as follows:
Follow the instructions here and wait until you receive an e-mail from us confirming your account is active within our online games voting league. At the end of registration you will be given a link code to place on your website. This link code holds your account name. When users of your site click on this link they will be forwarded to a voting page on our site, confirming their wish to vote for you. Various checks and security measures are then performed and your user's vote is registered against your account. It is best to place your link as prominently as possible on your website if you wish to do well in the rankings, though we place no stipulations on where this link should go. It is completely up to you.

Advertising with us:

We currently have three forms of advertising available:

1) Full site sponsorship - this offers banners on all pages of our site for the period of a month.
2) League table advertising - this offers you the chance to be added at the top of the online games league table (though with a zero rank and the word sponsor displayed).
3) Text links - A text link along the bottom of every page on our website, including the editor's directory of online games.

If you wish to discuss rates or alternative methods of advertising or you're interested in choosing one of the aforementioned options then please use our contact us page. You can find the link at the top of this page.

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