Site Rules.
Please Read Carefully

  • If you wish for your site to receive votes then you must ensure that a voting link is placed on your site and that it is both easy to find and in a prominent place. It does NOT have to be on your front page, but you will gain far more benefits from your listing with us if it is in a more prominent place. Sites who do not place a voting link on their site are likely to drop out of the rankings due to no votes being received.
  • You may only create one account for each domain, do not submit subdomains, subfolders, portals or dynamic URLS or any other re-direct to the same content website.
  • Your site must contain original content and be about online games. Your site does not have to be a game itself.
  • We will review all suggested websites first (usually within 24 hours). We are doing this to keep our list clean and accurate. All votes you receive while waiting will be stored in our database.
  • We list English language websites only. Do not use too many CAPS in your title / description and do not keyword stuff. Try to be clear and concise so that visitors know what they can expect when they visit your site. If you run a non English language website then please contact us via the Contact link. We will be expanding into other languages in the future and will contact you when this happens.
  • Refrain from voting for your own website and encouraging others to vote for you via the following methods: showing the voting link in popup windows, software toolbars, or rewarding players to click on the vote button.
  • The link code we provide must be placed on your site in full and unedited. Failure to do so will prevent your votes from being counted. We use strict anti-cheating methods and changing the link code will have your site flagged as cheating. If you find the voting code is unsuitable for your site then please contact us and we will get back to you with an alternative.
  • If you do not agree to these terms then you may return to Top Online Games

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