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A MUD is defined as a multi-user domain, multi-user dungeon, or multi-user dimension, all of which are referring to the same thing, an environment where multiple people are all connected to the same world and interacting with one another via either third-party software or, more typically now, through their web broswer. Although a common misconception is that all MUDs are games, in truth most of the MUDs out there are games.

Rating: 10/10

Avalon is a world of dragons, sorcerers, shopkeepers, great cities, wars, princes and gods. Yet only a few rise to become gods themselves. This game is an example of the type of high quality Muds that are available today. It has been under development for nearly twenty years now and it is one of the slickest games around. It is a beautifully written world of enormous depth and complexity and has undergone enormous expansion to its game system in recent months. With a growing player-base and major coding additions, it is one of the few commercial Muds around which continues to grow. As a note on the history of Muds, Avalon invented the type of toe-to-toe combat which is commonplace today in other games, including graphical Muds.

As a game world, Avalon is totally original in its conception and has one of the most complex and brutal player versus player combat systems there is whilst still offering a complex economics system and 'Pacifists life-choice' for those who are not interested in combat and want to purely role play.

Avalon provides an expansive web site for additional help plus detailed story line history that goes as far back as the world's creation. There is also an advanced Java client for immediate play with no downloads necessary and an in depth introduction for those who haven't played either Avalon or this type of strategy game before.

As an easy reference, here are some useful pages about Avalon:

Introduction to Online Game - Avalon; The Legend Lives

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Rating: 6/10

The Wheel of Time Mud is a free online role playing and player versus player game based on the Robert Jordan book series by the same name. It has been running since 1993 and supposedly runs with the author's express permission. Expect a lot of combat and not too much help in this game unless you have read it for yourself on the web site first, or you quickly make friends with someone more experienced than you. This is the best of the Wheel of time MUDS that are to be found out there.

Rating: 7/10

After the apocalytptic divine war, the continent of Avalon is bathed in a new dawn where you the mortal can play a major role. This is the original format of the classic Avalon role playing game before civilization evolved and removed the rough edges. Expect blood and gore once you are through the initial new player support and you had better be on your mettle. First Age is free to play and provides a java client for immediate play from your browser.

A fascinating addition to the Avalon role playing saga. If you were ever curious to know how early versions of Muds looked, then this is the game for you. It is, surprisingly for its age, extremely well designed. Testament to its quality and proof of why it has existed for so long in the multi-player games genre.

Rating: 5/10

When Akitsuki first opened it was set in the time period shortly after the Genpei war. Minamoto no Yoritomo had seized power and de facto rule over the country, beginning the Kamakura Shogunate (1185 -1333). However, the purpose of Akitsuki is the battle between the Shogunate and Imperial rule. Where the Emperor wishes to see imperial rule restored in Kyoto, the current Shogun seeks to retain power in the Edo district. Although this history contradicts true historical fact the makers of Akitsuki state that their game only follows true historical fact where it can. The ability for players to succeed and change history demands this freedom. Akitsuki has been under development for some years now and there is still no news of a final release. However, the beta version of the game is a very excellent example of where the Muds genre can go, given some imagination. You are not guaranteed a beta account but it 's well worth trying.

Rating: 4/10

The dramatic backdrop of 17th Century Paris, in the time of King Louis XIII, The Kings Musketeers and Cardinal Richelieu provides the setting for this role playing domain. A refreshingly unique scenario. A java MUDs console is provided for immediate play from your browser without the need for downloads. Relatively young for a MUD but under constant development.

Rating: 5/10

Still a relative young Mud but as you can see from the description of the setting, a lot of effort is being put into the story-line. Be warned though, we understand that this Mud is still under development.

Age of Alchemy is an online text based multiplayer game. The land is populated by real people who have chosen to take part in the war between two races: the Alchemists and the Sorcerers. The Alchemists practice the arts of Alchemy in the hope that they can protect their home land from the invading powers of Sorcery, who travelled across the western ocean many decades before. With them, came the dark arts of Sorcery and Demonology. Why they came to the peaceful isles no-one knows, but now the lands are torn asunder, demons roam at night, pillaging the outlying villages. During the day the Alchemists prepare for the following night by creating runes, mixing potions and charging their magical items. They use their alchemy to fortify for the attacks which come every night and to repair damage from the previous night's battle. Each player who chooses to follow the path of Alchemy will receive the following skills: Alchemy, Rune Lore, Forging and potions. Alchemy is split into two main sub abilities: the charging of items with magical spells and the use of the powerful Lorestaff and Lorerobes. Rune Lore is concerned with the alchemy of turning silver into magical runes (shown in the picture above). They have various defensive and offensive effects. Forging is concerned with forging weapons and instilling those weapons withy the powers of alchemy.

Those who join Age of Alchemy and choose the darker path will receive the skills of Evocation, Demonology, Charming and Stealth. Evocation is concerned with the manipulation of spirits to do the Sorcerer's bidding.Demonology/Demons is the commanding of the demon plane, summoning them up as an entourage. The demons will attack their master's enemy in exchange for the blood of their victims. Stealth is a skill focussed on moving about the land stealthily, especially at night. It also has many offensive abilities, such as the use of poisoned knives.

Caught between these two powers are the Animists. Many say they can trace their roots back to early Pagans and many of their skills centre around Witchcraft. They are the peaceful folk of the land.

Watch this space... this list will be added to over the coming months, but we prefer it to be short and full of good quality Muds, than long and full of dross!

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